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Student Disability Services
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Policy Related to Students with Disabilities
January 18, 1999

PREAMBLE : This policy statement relating to otherwise qualified persons with disabilities outlines the roles and responsibilities of students, faculty, staff and the Coordinator of Disability Support Services (Coordinator) in making Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) programs and services available to all persons The University places specific emphases on accommodating the needs of matriculated students with a disability, providing related services, and ensuring the academic integrity of Missouri S&T. This policy statement is in accordance with Section 240.040 E, Policy Related to Students with Disabilities, Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri, the Missouri Human Rights Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.


In accordance with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, medical information concerning a disability will be treated with utmost confidentiality. It will be:

  • treated like other medical information,
  • maintained in secure files under the jurisdiction of the Coordinator, and
  • released only on a need-to-know basis within the university community

Responsibilities of the Student

All disabled students seeking reasonable accommodations and provision of disability-related services must:

  • identify himself or herself to the Coordinator as desiring accommodations,
  • provide current and adequate documentation of his/her disability and of appropriate accommodations to the Coordinator, and
  • request needed classroom accommodations and related services of the Coordinator.

All of the above requirements must be met by the student in a timely manner to ensure full resolution of accommodations and related services prior to the student's entrance into the program or course of study. The student should provide the necessary documentation at least six weeks prior to the first semester for which accommodations are being requested and should provide the Coordinator with a copy of his/her class schedule as soon as it is available for each semester during which s/he is seeking accommodations. Waiver of these deadlines may be made by the Coordinator on a case by case basis. Failure to meet the specified deadlines and requirements may result in a denial of accommodations.

Documentation Procedures

Documentation of a specific disability provided to the Coordinator/Advisor must be current and adequate. Diagnosis and evaluation costs shall not be the responsibility of the university.

  • Current medical or other diagnostic documentation of a disability must be provided by a qualified physician or other qualified diagnostician.
  • Current documentation of the need for reasonable accommodations and related services must also be provided to the Coordinator/Advisor.
  • If existing documentation is incomplete or outdated, the Coordinator/Advisor may require the student to provide additional documentation at the student's expense.

Collaborative Responsibilities of the coordinator, faculty and staff

  • The Coordinator/Advisor shall review the documentation provided by the student and discuss the accommodation and related services requested.
  • The Coordinator/Advisor shall make an initial determination as to whether requested accommodations and related services are required.
  • The Coordinator/Advisor shall provide the student with a letter describing recommended accommodations and related services.
  • The faculty or staff member responsible for a specific class, program, or service shall then determine accommodations of the disability and provision of related services in consultation with the Coordinator/Advisor if necessary.
  • Any disagreement relating to accommodations shall be described in writing and submitted to the Chancellor or his/her designee for resolution in a prompt manner. This appeal must specify why the accommodation request is considered unreasonable or unworkable.

In any disagreement related to IV.3, the Chancellor shall take into consideration all relevant factors including but not limited to:

  • current documentation of the specific disability,
  • the need for the requested services or accommodations,
  • the essential elements of the academic program or course of study being pursued, and
    the fact that no applicable law requires Missouri S&T to substantially alter essential elements of its academic program or course of study or to otherwise compromise its academic standards.

The written judgment of the Chancellor or his/her designee shall be presented to the faculty member or department administrator within ten working days following receipt of the written notice of disagreement.

Specific Responsibilities of the Faculty

It is the responsibility of the faculty to:

  • establish curriculum requirements and uphold the academic standards of Missouri S&T,
  • determine that the essential elements of these curricula, as well as those of an individual course, are being fulfilled,
  • work with the Coordinator/Advisor to determine the provision of reasonable accommodations and related services for disabled students when requested by the Coordinator/Advisor and
  • follow applicable rules with respect to individual privacy and confidentiality.

If the faculty member concerned opposes the determination made by the Coordinator/Advisor, s/he should proceed as follows:

  • She/he initiates a review of this determination with the Coordinator/Advisor.
  • If after this review the faculty member or department administrator still does not agree with the Coordinator/Advisor's determination, s/he may have recourse to the procedures outlined by Section IV, subsections 4 and 5.

Grievance and Complaint Process

A student who believes that the determination of the Coordinator/Advisor for the provision of reasonable accommodations and related services is not being fulfilled by a faculty or staff member must contact the Coordinator/Advisor in a timely manner to discuss the concerns.

  • A student who is not satisfied with the accommodation plan or the initial determination of the Coordinator/Advisor may file a grievance under the University of Missouri Discrimination Grievance Procedure for Students (Section 370.010). A copy of this policy can be obtained from the following sources:

Student Disability Services
203 Norwood Hall
Phone: (573) 341-6655
FAX: (573) 341-4172
TTY: (573) 341-6645