New Student Registration

A guide for minerAccess

STEP 1 - Sign in

Sign in to minerAccess using your S&T username and password by visiting

STEP 2 - Navigate to the accommodations request form

Select “New Student? Complete a brief form to request accommodations at the University.”

STEP 3 - Complete the application

Complete the application form. Fields marked with a red asterisk * are required fields.

STEP 4 - Upload your documentation

After completing the application you can upload documentation. (You will receive an e-mail from our office when your application has been processed.)

**You won't be able to request accommodations or edit your profile until your documentation has been processed by our office and digitally signed by you.**

Step 5 - Locate required forms

After you've received a confirmation email that your application has been processed, sign in to minerAccess again. In place of the dashboard, you should see forms that require your digital signature.

Step 6 - Sign the FORMs

Read through the agreements and type your name in the signature box to digitally sign the forms.


Success icon, green checkmark Success! You've successfully set up your account and verified your eligibility for accommodations.